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Does anyone speak Hindi fluently? [17 Aug 2012|01:11pm]

If so, can you help me translate this sentence into English?

''nice aur india mein kahan se hu?''

I have a penpal in India and he would like to communicate in Hindi. Please help if you can.
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More moderators needed [30 May 2012|06:51pm]

Hi everybody!
Since bohemienne is missing for some reason, I've asked lj-team to grant me right to approve new posts in here. So I am a kind of a community keeper for now.

So, as I am also not always online, it would be better to have several moderators that will be able to take care of a community if I am missing too :-)

The job is simple: read new posts, approve them if they are ok or reject it they are spam.

If there are any volunteers, who are often online, please leave a comment, I will add you to the moderators list.
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Anybody here? [16 Mar 2012|11:49am]

Are there any native speakers here?

I am trying to learn devanagari by reading a hindi book (its osho's discourse book but this is not really important), and I have a lot of questions.

The first one is about this word: . I do not understand what is the first letter. My friend that study Sanskrit does not understand it either.

If you need a whole text you can see it here. The word I am asking about is marked with the red color.

Can you help me? :-)
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Уроки Хинди от носителя языка в Москве. [30 Oct 2011|07:58pm]

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Learning Hindi [29 Jul 2011|09:01pm]

I'm a native English speaker* trying to learn Hindi on my own, without an institutional course -- I'd love one, mind you, but there aren't any that are affordable in the Bay Area (California, USA). You'd think there would be -- the South Bay has a huge community of South Asian immigrants. But all that exists are a few "heritage" learning classes at community centers, and an extremely expensive ($3,200) class at the University of California-Berkeley.

So. I mostly use the Rupert Snell "Teach Yourself Hindi" books and CDs, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, online resources that I find -- Taj Afroz's "Door into Hindi" is a wonderful video series, BBC Hindi is always excellent, and Britain's School of Oriental and African Studies has some online stuff for Devanagari. Of course I also watch (and am addicted to) Bollywood movies and listen to music in Hindi, whether it's filmi music or not.

If there are people on here who are studying Hindi, or know Hindi and like to talk about it, I'd love it if you'd comment so I'd know who you are, on LiveJournal (you know, as long as LiveJournal continues to function). I guess secondarily... when I was talking with my sister about the Cal-Berkeley intensive course which I can't afford, she perhaps sensibly suggested I save up money and just go learn in India. Does anyone here have experience with language schools in India?

I'm interested in Urdu, also, but not so much in the writing system. I have a hard time with the Arabic alphabet, and have spent a fair amount of time on Devanagari, at this point.

Thanks, in advance -- I'm a bit surprised I didn't look for this community earlier.

*I'm fairly fluent in French and good in Spanish, also...
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I need help [16 Nov 2009|02:36am]


I could not found the legend of Mastnath in English it is only in Hindi
But my Hindi so bad and I cannot translating it.
Can some one do translation of the small text from Hindi to English which below?

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"to love" in a platonic sense [21 Sep 2009|11:26am]

I was wondering if the word for "love", if you were going to say it to a member of your family, would be something other than "prem karnā" or "pyar karnā" - that is if there is a different verb for platonic versus romantic love.
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Tattoo: Release in Hindi [28 Aug 2009|10:41pm]


I'm getting रिहाई (release) tattooed soon. Can you tell me the other meanings to it?
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[13 Aug 2009|07:25pm]

Hi ... I know absolutely nothing about Hindi, but I was wondering if there was a reasonable translation of "I dream in purple" into the language? Devanagari would be nifty too.

And also, would this be the correct way of writing my name JayaShree? One of my friends wrote it for me once, but I'm just making sure.

Thanks =)
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Help, please [17 Apr 2009|11:45pm]

I will be very grateful if some one help me to translate in English the next sentences:

बारह काल हमारे भा हमको चोड़ अवरिको ले जा॥

जीवन मुक्ति कालसे पा नादविन्दकी कला सवा।
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the days are passing quickly [21 Nov 2008|02:22am]

i've become very fond of the phrase

din nike bite jate hain

if anyone could help me write this in devnagari i would be thrilled with the assistance
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मुझसे ब्याह करोगी? mujhse byaah karogee? [19 Nov 2008|12:33pm]

Here's a bit of dialogue from the 1965 Bollywood film Guide (based on the eponymous English-language novel by R. K. Narayan) that struck my fancy. I stumbled across it in a blog and thought I'd post it for people to practice on; any questions on the proper translation we could discuss in comments. (I have a few myself, but I'll give others a crack at it first before I ask them.)

N.B.: I found this in Roman Urdu transcription and did it into Devanagari myself, so I apologise in advance for any spelling errors.
राजू: मुझसे ब्याह करोगी?
रोज़ी: हां, तुम्हारे लिए मैं अपना पेशा छोड़ दूँगी।
राजू: इसकी नैबत नहीं आएगी, इसमें हम दोनों की मेहनत है।
रोज़ी: और शादी के बाद जब बच्चे हो जाएंगे तो?
राजू: जरूरी तो नहीं के शादी के बाद बच्चे हो जाएं।
रोज़ी: जरूरी तो नहीं के शादी हो जाएं।
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devanāgarī [28 Oct 2008|08:22pm]

Hay everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has any handwritten material in devanāgarī or could take the time to write down a few lines for me. I'm studying hindī and the first task was to learn the writing system, which didn't present any problem for me, but my professor doesn't like the way I write some characters (I do them the same way they look when written on computer), so I just want to see if they're really supposed to look that different when handwritten.
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मेरे पास कुछ सवाल हैं / mere paas kuch savaal haiM [23 Oct 2008|10:13pm]

But first I would like to thank everyone who responded to my previous post. जवाब सब बहुत दिलचस्प थे! Javaab sab bahut dilcasp the!

Anyway, I'm teaching myself and my primary text is McGregor's Outline of Hindi grammar. It's rather heavy on the grammar, but that's how I like it. For balance, though, I'm supplementing it with Matthews' and Dalvi's Teach yourself Urdu. Now, I've always been told that, on the colloquial level, Urdu and Hindi are indistinguishable. But I'm finding significant divergences between the two books. What I don't know, however, is how much is due to actual linguistic variation and how much is just differences in the authors' approaches.

The first thing I noticed was a difference in polite expressions. McGregor teaches only आप कैसे हैं? aap kaise haiM? for "How are you?" whereas TYU has क्या हाल है? kyaa haal hai? Is the latter used in Hindi, too, or only Urdu? What about the response, आप की दुआ है aap kee duaa hai?

Another difference is in the words for "here" and "there". In the sense of "to here", TYU uses the special word इधर idhar (e.g. आओ इधर! aao idhar!). But this isn't found at all in McGregor, who uses यहां yahaaM for both direction and location. How common is इधर idhar in Hindi? Can you get by without it? And what about related words (e.g. उधर udhar, किधर kidhar)?
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[23 Oct 2008|06:12pm]

Why do you want to learn Hindi? How long have you been learning/wanting to learn?

Any of you have Indian boyfriends/girlfriends? :p
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जीवन नय्या नय्या बहती जाये / jeevan nayyaa bahatee jaaye [22 Oct 2008|09:20am]

Now that I've picked up learning Hindi again, I've decided to try to breathe some life into this sleeping beauty. I'm very open to suggestions for how to do it. For now, I thought I'd start with a simple introductory question for all who care to answer it:
आप कब से हिंदी सीख रहे हैं?
TransliterationCollapse )
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An official India community for LJ [03 Jun 2008|02:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Greetings from LJ_India, the new official India community we’re piloting to connect all our India users.

We’re writing to invite you to take a first look at the Community as it’s launched and share your feedback. You’re, of course, under absolutely no obligation to join, but we’d be delighted if you did :)
Do join us at http://community.livejournal.com/lj_india/ and let's get this conversation started!

Cheers and thanks,

Team Blogworks for LiveJournal India


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? [23 Apr 2008|12:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys!!!
I really love this song from Monsoon wedding...Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa (Today My Heart Desires).. but I have no idea what it's about of what he is saying. *sigh* So.. would anyone be kind enough to translate for me or point me to a site that would?


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[04 Jun 2007|11:22pm]

I have heard that Hindi "ferengi" or "firangi" is a slightly derogatory term for foreigners. What I'd like to know is, how is this word spelled in Hindi? It's not in my dictionary. thanks.
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Namaskar [31 May 2007|04:39pm]

I'm so glad that I found this community. I have been trying to learn as much Hindi as I can as my mother-in-law cannot speak English, so it can be challenging at times as I'm sure you can imagine. I've learned a bit on my own and from my husband, but have always thought that it's more comfortable to learn with others who are also learning.

Just wanted to write this very brief introduction and hope to interact with you all lots. :-)
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